On-line seminar series on “RHIC Beam Energy Scan: Theory and Experiment”


The seminar series on “RHIC Beam Energy Scan: Theory and Experiment” will be hold on-line weekly using ZOOM.  It aims to present and discuss recent developments and future directions on both theoretical and experimental sides, related to heavy-ion collisions at RHIC Beam Energy Scan energies. The focuses of this workshop are flow and hydrodynamics, critical and noncritical fluctuations, complemented by overviews and updates on related topics such as chirality, vorticity, future experimental facilities, etc.

Considering that our invited participants and speakers come from all parts of the world, we have selected the following time slot for the seminar: 10:00am (New York) / 7:00am (San Francisco) / 4:00pm (Frankfurt) / 10:00pm (Beijing) / 11:00pm (Tokyo), every Tuesday starting August 4, 2020. Each talk will be 1 hour long, with a limited number of questions allowed during the talk, followed by an additional 30 minutes for discussion.

Confirmed invited speakers in the coming month
Aug. 4, 2020  Bedangadas Mohanty
    Experimental overview for RHIC BES
Aug. 11, 2020  Misha Stephanov
Overview for critical fluctuations
Aug. 18, 2020  Jia, Jiangyong
Flow systematics across systems and collision energies
Aug. 25, 2020  Shen Chun
Dynamical modeling @ RHIC BES 

Sep. 1, 2020  Dmytro Oliinychenko
Review the light nuclei production in both theoretical and experimental side

Sep. 8, 2020  Masakiyo Kitazawa  (*)
    Non-critical fluctuations
Sep. 15, 2020  Hengtong Ding 
QCD phase structure from Lattice QCD 

Time slot for the seminar:
Every Tuesday, 10:00am (New York), 7:00am (San Fransisco), 4:00pm (Frankfurt),7:30pm(New Delhi), 10:00pm (Beijing), 11:00pm (Tokyo)

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Topic: RHIC-Beam Energy Scan Seminar Series
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Main organizers:                       Contact:
Song, Huichao (PKU)                     Huichaosong@pku.edu.cn
Heinz, Ulrich (OSU)                     Heinz9@osu.edu.cn
Xu, Nu (CCNU / IMP /LBL)               nxu@lbl.gov

Related workshop and summer program:
“RHIC BES Physics – theory and experiment” workshop, CHEP PKU, Beijing, July 27-31, 2020
Summer program on “Theoretical developments and Dynamical Modeling for RHIC BES”, CHEP PKU, Beijing, July 20 to August 7, 2020

These two previously planned workshop and summer program have been transformed to this weekly on-line seminar series on“RHIC Beam Energy Scan: Theory and Experiment” due to travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.